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Welcome to my Blog, Life Coaching and Reiki Usui pages!

I am a Systemic Life Coach, IT & Sales Trainer, Marketing Consultant, Reiki Usui Master, and more.

It has been my vocation and passion all my adult life to help people to recognize their strengths, potential and best abilities. I do this so that people can live their life to the fullest and be as happy as possible. I like to see myself as someone who helps people to grow and find their own inner true path in life.

To enable myself to further empower you for a better and happier life, I have learned a variety of disciplines; NLP, Systemical Coaching, Reiki Usui, Human System Balancing. I couple these professional skills with a very good intuition and strong empathy for my clients. And sometimes even magic happens…

My success is measured, sometimes after just a few sessions, when my clients tell me that they are now moving on with their lives with fresh self confidence.

I work internationally, in German, English & French

I will be pleased to meet with you online, offline, in the air, on the ground, on a ship or in a car, whatever you need. Please contact me via email or phone and check out my short CV/Resumé.

Es ist schon immer meine Berufung, Menschen und Gruppen dabei zu unterstützen, Ihren eigenen Weg zu finden, erfolgreich zu gehen und in Problemsituationen ihr Lösungspotential zu entwickeln. Sei es im beruflichen oder persönlichen Kontext, bzw darin, beide Bereiche in Einklang zu bringen.

Gleichzeitig bin ich mit 20 Jahren in der IT-Branche sehr erfahren in Technologie- und Vertriebstrainings.

Ich freue mich darauf, Sie kennen zu lernen, für Sie persönlich oder Ihr Unternehmen ganz individuelles Coaching oder Training zu konzipieren und erfolgreich durch zu führen. Einen kurzen Überblick zu mir finden Sie hier.

Enjoy browsing through my bilingual pages. Thank you!


My portrait photo by / Mein Portrait von Photogenika Tina Rieger, 80339 Muenchen