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Systemic Coaching is designed to help with improving your life by consciously solving problems, rediscover your resources and path – for more success and happiness in life.

I am sincerely convinced of the theory that every problem carries its solution in itself. This means that every individual or group with issues already knows deep inside how to solve them. But for different reasons the solution is sometimes blurred while we are busy focusing on our stuck state, the problem itself.

In systemic coaching we also believe that everything is a system, may it be you and your inner organs and body functions, your family, relationship, work team, country… A system is affected by every positive change or disturbing events that it experiences. Our partner leaves us, we lose our job, a dear colleague dies, a country changes government, a baby is born, etc. Things get out of balance – time for an adjustment or change.

Systemic coaching and NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) are well recognized tools to help you with realizing and mobilizing your own strengths and resources to better solve disturbing life situations. By using these coaching methods I can help you to find new balance and to integrate changes in the systems in which you choose to live.

Meer-BildContact me for your personal appointment. I am happy to bring my long years of experience to you personally, or to meet with you online.

Coaching services that I offer online, in your home, office or outside, individually designed to your requirements and needs:

  • Individual coaching
  • Couple counseling
  • Team coaching
  • Management coaching
  • Intercultural training
  • Life change management
  • Spiritual coaching
  • Goal supporting rituals
  • Introvert – Extrovert Cooperation

…and more…

My Coaching Qualifications & Diplomas 

2003-2005 Institut fuer Fort- und Weiterbildung, Munich 

• Systemic Coach, Consultant and Supervisor

2004 Forum für Metakommunikation Bernd Isert, Berlin 

• NLP Master Practitioner (DVNLP)

• The Work of Byron Katie

• Coaching Arrangements

2002 Forum für Metakommunikation Bernd Isert, Berlin 

• NLP Practitioner (DVNLP)

• Systemic Constellation Work

• Human System Balancing

Contact me  for your personal appointment. I will be happy to bring my long years of experience to you personally, or to meet with you online.